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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 Launched!

Protodea LLC is proud to announce the latest addition to the family -, launched on December 19, 2010.

The cost monkey allows you to know what you're getting into before you actually buy. So many consumers today jump into these big purchases and are then surprised down the road when their wallets are getting turned upside down. Cost Monkey is here to put an end to consumers getting blindsided and will hopefully provide some helpful hints along the way as well!

  • See a list of costs so you don’t have any surprises!

  • Get valuable purchasing tips on some of life's biggest purchases or events.

  • Build your own customized budget.

Check us out at:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Protodea LLC Re-design

Protodea is the link between ideas and productivity. With the help of Protodea, your business will be more efficient and knowledgeable than ever before. We offer customized solutions to your company’s problems, specializing in enhancing your web presence and meeting your design needs.

At the moment, we are actually leveraging our core capabilities to re-design our own website, Over the next few weeks, you will see Protodea's corporate website transform into a cutting edge design - updated with the latest information, services we offer, and further information on how to get in touch with us. Stay tuned for further updates on our re-design and upcoming launch dates.

Coach Knight Roast & Toast Offical Website - September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010 - Horseshoe Casino, Hammond IN

This is your chance to enjoy a fun filled weekend in exciting Chicago anchored by a night to remember at the Horseshoe Casino in nearby Hammond, Indiana. See Bob Knight be roasted and toasted by Isiah Thomas, Jay Bilas, and Jud Heathcote, just to name a few, for the first and only time in history! Must be over 21 years-old to attend.

Protodea LLC is responsible for the design and maintenance of the Official website of the Coach Bob Knight Roast & Toast Event on September 18, 2010 ( This website featured several key concepts including an eye-catching design and incorporation of HTML pre-registration forms for access to pre-sale tickets. If you like the design, feel free to let us know! (September 2010) is Protodea LLC's newest website concept. The site is currently under construction and should be opening in late December 2010; however, we can share that it provides detailed costs for your not so everyday purchases (i.e. wedding, buying a house, buying a dog, having a kid, etc). Check back here for recent news, launch date postings, etc.